Yesmin Labonno’s new original song released


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Yesmin Labonno is a musician of this generation.
Apart from singing, she is also good at presentation
and dancing. There are some voices; the sweetness of the voice, the melody may take some time to spread. But those who listen to that kind of voice once, they express interest in listening to her music regularly. Yesmin Labonno’s voice is just like that.
Our music world desperately needs this kind of voice.
If this kind of voice is used regularly, our music arena will be more prosperous.
It is not that many modern songs have been published in Yesmin Labonno’s voice. But in the meantime, a new modern song has been released in her voice titled ‘Shudhu Tomari Bhabnay’.
The song is penned by Tomal Bose and music composed by A F Saikat. The first few lines of the song are like, ‘Brishti Jhora Srabon Raate Bijli Chomkay, Janalar Pashe Ekaki Ami Shudhu Tomari Bhabnay’.
The song was released on YouTube channel of ‘Priyo Gaan’ on January 16.
Not so much the audience and the song that viewers heard. But this song is a song to die for. The lyrics and melody of the song touched the hearts of the listeners. Especially the guitar work in the song is like making the mind emotional.
And Yesmin Labonno’s voice in the song has given the song completeness. As if this song was created for her. She sang the song with much emotion.
This type of music is very rare now. But in spite of that, an artiste like Labonno wants to survive among the audience with this kind of music.
While talking about her newly released song, Yesmin Labonno told this correspondent, “Alhamdulillah, I am getting very good response. Those who know me are very appreciative of this song. Also, many people are giving me inspiration by listening to the song. It’s really interesting for me. Thanks and gratitude to the lyricist, composer of this song for creating such a beautiful song for me. I want to sing something that will live on for ages. I want to sing something that lives in the mind of the audience.”
Yesmin Labonno also said that she completed a five-year certificate course in Nazrul Sangeet from BAFA and later took a one-year training in Nazrul Sangeet from Salauddin Ahmed.
Later, she also took training from Asit Dey. Meanwhile, Yesmin Labonno has been working as a dancer in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy for about 10 years. However, she likes the presentation very much, according to her.