Yousuf, Labonno will sing on Nazrul’s birth anniversary today


Entertainment Report :
Yousuf Ahmed Khan, the eldest son of Ustad Yakub Ali Khan, continues to impress the audience by performing Nazrul songs among the next generation of musicians. Besides singing modern songs on various TV channels throughout the year, he has to sing especially poet Nazrul’s songs. As usual, his engagement increased on Nazrul’s birth anniversary and death anniversary.
On the other hand, the new generation popular singer Yesmin Labonno continues to fascinate the audience with her sweet voice. She has kept most of her wanderings in modern songs. However, she is quite comfortable singing Nazrul’s songs.
On the occasion of Nazrul’s birth anniversary with Yousuf and Labonno, ATN Bangla has presented a special programme on Nazrul’s songs titled ‘Golpo Gaan er Amontron’ at 8:00am today. The show is produced by Lana Khan.
In the programme, Yousuf will sing two songs on the occasion. These are: ‘Khelichho E Bishwoloye’ and ‘Sokhi Bandhlo Jhuloniya’.
On ther hand, Labonno will render two songs individually. These are: ‘Kothar Kushume Gantha’ and ‘Oi Ghor Bholano Sur e’.
Therefore, Yousuf and Labonno will sing duet songs ‘Mone Pore Aj Se Kon Jonome’ and ‘Mora Ar Jonome Hongsho Mithun Chhilam’.
Lana Khan has organised this special programme to pay special tribute to poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in the presentation of Maria Shimu.
While talking in this regard, Lana Khan told this correspondent, “Yousuf is very good at Nazrul’s songs. He sings very well. Labonno sang very well. I hope the audience will like this arrangement.”
Singer Yousuf Ahmed Khan said, “My deep respect and love to our National Poet
Kazi Nazrul Islam on his birth anniversary. My father has the opportunity to know about Kazi Nazrul Islam.
I have immense respect and love for him, his songs. On his 125th birth anniversary today, I will perform a few songs in tribute to him. Forgiveness will be seen with a beautiful view. Labonno is performing a duet with me. Labonno’s voice is quite
melodious. Her performance has also been excellent.”
Singer Yesmin Labonno shared her feelings in this regard by this way, “It is also an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to sing in a special event on the birthday of respected poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Thanks and gratitude to Lana Khan Apa and Yousuf Bhai also. It is because of them that I dare to sing in such an arrangement. I don’t know how I sang. But I can say that I sang with
my heart.”