Youths become self-reliant with BRAC short training


Staff Reporter :
RumanaKhatun, a resident of Khulna, lived with her parents. She has seen the financial strain of her family since her childhood. When Rumana’s father died, her family plunges into financial darkness.

To earn living expenses, Rumana started working in a food processing factory with her mother. But Rumana did not back down from her dream of studying.

She continues studying. After her SSC exam, her family couldn’t bare her studying, Rumana did not give up. Passed the stage of higher secondary through various works and with the help of teachers.

After completing her HSC exams, she applied for various jobs but was repeatedly rejected due to her lack of experience.


She then took part in an internship at “Yellow,” a clothing brand, but faced rejection once again because her 25-day internship experience was considered insufficient. Her turning point came when she received training from BRAC and eventually became a proud salesperson for “Golden Rose,” a well-known cosmetics brand.

Rumana’s journey has made her acutely aware of how the family’s financial difficulties have affected her life, especially as the sole breadwinner.

As a woman, she believes it’s crucial to prove herself and promote the idea of women being financially independent.