Digging for gold in Ranishankail

Some people have been digging the ground in the hope of mining gold in Ranishankail Upazila of Thakurgaon on Saturday.

Staff Reporter :
Thousands of people have been digging the ground for gold in Ranishankail Upazila of Thakurgaon. Men and women of various ages are excavating the brick kiln area of Katihar RBB, driven by the hope of striking it rich.

This frenzy began in April when news went viral on social media, claiming that gold could be found
beneath the kiln’s ground.

Following the viral news, crowds from near and far have flocked to the brick kiln, tirelessly digging through the earth mounds meant for brick-making.


Despite the exhaustive efforts, locals claim that some individuals have indeed found gold, though none have openly admitted it.

The belief persists that many have discovered gold, fueling the ongoing excavation frenzy in the hope of similar fortunes.