Apurba Safa pair up for new drama

18 September 2020
Apurba   Safa pair up for new drama

Entertainment Report :
Popular actor of the small screen Ziaul Faruk Apurba has become engaged with his professional works again. Everyday he is getting new scripts to work. New directors are showing their keen interest to take him in their works. But Apurba is now serious about good story and role while taking decision to work. He is giving schedule to those directors’ works which stories and roles are likeable for him despite they are new directors. Overall, he is busy with his professional works now.
Apurba recently acted against Safa Kabir in noted play director Sagor Jahan’s new drama titled Dwidha.
 Shooting of the drama was done in different locations in the capital’s Uttara area. Director Sagor Jahan himself wrote story of the drama.
Earlier, Apurba paired up with Safa Kabir in several numbers of dramas like Eta Mitthe Kono Golpo Noi, Perfect One, Tumi Bolle, Obak Megher Bari, Take Care, Tomar Jonnyo, Tonima, Meyetar Chheleta, Love Circle, Meghla Meghla Din, etc.
While talking about acting in the drama Apurba said, “Earlier, under Sagor Bhai’s direction I acted in several numbers of dramas. Those got popularity among the viewers. Sagor Bhai works sincerely which reflects on the screen. He made the play Dwidha sincerely. I believe viewers will enjoy the drama.”
Safa Kabir shared her feelings by this way, “I got popularity to work in those dramas where Apurba Bhaiya was my co-actor. In drama Dwidha, he co-operated me a lot. I hope viewers will enjoy this play.”

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