Sharna Lata impresses viewers as Nigar in 700-episode series


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Sharna Lata Debnath is
one of the popular faces of Bangladesh’s TV dramas, and also the favourite actress of
audience. She has acted in many dramas and serials. However, till now, the character she has played the most popular with the audience is the character of Nigar, which is one of the main characters of the story in Deepto TV’s ongoing series ‘Bokulpur Season-2,’ which story is written by Md Shahabuddin and directed by Kaiser Ahmed.
And Sharna Lata is spreading fascination among the audience by playing this role of Nigar.
The 700th episode of the drama series has already been aired. This is the longest series of Sharna Lata’s acting career. She has never acted in such a long series before.
The character of Nigar in ‘Bokulpur Season-2’ is currently in discussion among the audience. However, Sharna Lata herself realised that when she went to work somewhere else outside of shooting.
The actress also got a lot of response from the audience fans for playing the character of Nigar. Not only in the country but also outside the country when she went on tour, Sharna Lata got an unprecedented response for the character of Nigar.
According to Sharna Lata, for the character of Nigar she has worked hard, suffered and broken herself time and again to give her best to the character. While talking in this regard, Sharna Lata told this correspondent, “I express my sincere
gratitude to the viewers at the beginning because the viewers like the character of Nigar I have been working regularly since the beginning of this drama series. Gratitude to the dramatist of the serial, of course I am thankful to the director Kaiser Ahmed Bhai because he is such a great director, such a talented director, he explained the character of Nigar to me so well that I can easily imagine and act it. Now it can be said that I have been living in the character Nigar for a long time.
I give Thanks to all my co-artistes including serial’s producers, cinematographers, make-up artists and others.”
“Also thanks to all the media because the media has always inspired me by highlighting my works in the media. I have my sincere gratitude to my mother Rita Debnath, because she is the biggest viewer and critic of my work,” she also said.
Meanwhile, Sharna Lata has finished the last lot of the drama serial ‘Char Chokkor’ which is being aired on Maasranga TV now.