Tanjin Tisha to thrill viewers with ‘Poison’


Entertainment Report :
Director Sanjoy Somadder’s upcoming web film ‘Poison’ is set to premiere on the OTT platform Deepto Play this Eid-ul-Azha.
Its recently released teaser has generated significant buzz on social media.
The 43-second clip showcases popular actress Tanjin Tisha in a riveting lead role, exuding a blend of intensity and vulnerability.
‘Poison’ promises to be a gripping addition to the Eid entertainment lineup.
The production company announced the teaser release through a press statement, heightening anticipation for the web film’s debut.
The teaser opens dramatically with Tanjin Tisha’s voiceover: “A heroine’s life is not just filled with scandals, but struggles too!”
This line sets the tone for a narrative that soon spirals into chaos, marked by a series of murders at a glitzy party.
‘Poison’ follows the turbulent life of film actress Rupa Mirza.
After enduring three consecutive flops, her fourth film catapults her to stardom, earning her a National Award and making her the talk of the town.
To celebrate her newfound success, Rupa hosts a lavish party.
However, the festive atmosphere quickly turns sinister as her dark past begins to unravel.
The party becomes a labyrinth of deception, where friends and foes, allies and adversaries, masks and true faces all blur together. As the night deepens, tales of old wounds, sins, and greed surface, and the body count rises. Director Sanjoy Somadder describes the web film as a ‘pure suspense thriller centred around Tisha,’ promising viewers an edge-of-the-seat experience.
Written by Mamunur Rashid Tanim, ‘Poison’ also features cast including Abu Hurayra Tanvir, Tiger Robi, Rawnak Ripon, Abdullah Al Sentu, AK Azad Setu, and SM Sohag.